2021-2022 Continuing Education Catalog 
    Jul 12, 2024  
2021-2022 Continuing Education Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Adult Education and Extended Learning

Adult Education Programs

Additionally, HCC offers Adult Education programs described below and www.hccs.edu/changemylife.

Adult Education & Literacy Programs

Adult Education courses are grant supported through the support of the Texas Workforce Commission. Adult Education students can choose from the following three areas below:

  • HSE (High School Equivalency Student)
    Students seeking a certificate of High School Equivalency (GED, Hi-SET, TASC). A student who wants to prepare to take one of the three Texas-approved high school equivalency exams. These exams include the GED (General Educational Development), the TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Completion), or the Hi-SET (High School Equivalency Test). Upon successful completion of all parts of one of these three accepted exams, the student will receive the certificate of high school equivalency issued by Texas Education Agency.
  • ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
    Students wanting to speak, read, and write English, and whose first language is not English. A learner who wants to achieve competence in comprehending, speaking, reading, and writing English. ESOL students can continue to study for their High School Equivalency and/or transition to postsecondary education and training or employment.
  • Career4U Academy
    The Adult Education & Literacy program offers five Career4U Academies. These academies allow students to attend college without a TSI test and earn a certificate in the sectors of Healthcare, Information Technology, Business, Construction Trades, and Transportation. This student will establish a clear path toward his/her educational and employment goals by studying basic skills, English as a Second Language, and/or high school equivalency, along with a post-secondary Workforce Certificate. Pay a $20 processing fee, and Adult Education will sponsor the first two classes, and financial aid pays for the completion of the program. For information about Adult Education call the HCC AEL Hotline at 713-718-5381 or visit www.hccs.edu/changemylife.

Workforce and Career Training Program (WCTP)

Workforce and Career Training Program (WCTP) is a collaborative effort by HCC and a number of high-profile nonprofit organizations to assist underemployed or unemployed individuals. All WCTP training integrates career training with Adult Education classes. Financial aid is regularly available. All WCTP programs also can be configured to accommodate students whose second language is English. To find out more, email hcc.wctp@hccs.edu, or call 713-718-2779, or visit www.hccs.edu/programs/adult-education/workforce–career-training.

IET/EL Civics offerings provide advanced English Language Learners with tuition assistance for concurrently enrolling in ESOL courses that are integrated with Level One Certificate career programs. 

Ability to Benefit Programs

The Adult Education & Literacy office has arrangements that will allow students who do not have a high school diploma or Certificate of High School Equivalency (TxCHSE) certificate to enroll at HCC and receive federal student aid including Pell Grants. Students need to demonstrate that they  have the “ability to benefit” from postsecondary education and training and can meet certain additional requirements. More information is available at www.hccs.edu/programs/adult-education/ability-to-benefit-pell-grant-option.

Adult High School

Adult High School (AHS) is a credit recovery program for students seeking credit recovery and/or original credit toward their high school graduation requirements (students recovering/completing credit receive a high school diploma). Current high school students will need a referral from their high school counselor before registering for any AHS class. For more information, including AHS locations and courses, call 713-718-7611 or visit www.hccs.edu/programs/adult-education/adult-high-school.