2021-2022 HCC Catalog & Student Handbook 
    May 18, 2022  
2021-2022 HCC Catalog & Student Handbook [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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INRW 0100 - Companion Course

Credits: 1

This course is a combined 1 hour lecture/ lab performance-based companion course designed to develop student’s critical reading and academic writing skills. Students who enroll in this course are required to enroll in INRW 0410 . INRW 0100 is a companion course to INRW 0410 . The content of this course is based upon the needs of the accompanying INRW 0410  course. The focus is to prepare, support, and enable students to successfully perform in INRW 0410 . The course integrates complementary reading and writing assignments with special emphasis given to reasoning and responding to issues arising from class readings. Students who successfully complete this course and INRW 0410  will qualify to take INRW 0420 .

Lecture: 1
Lab: 0

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